Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Be prepared!

Yup, I made a pair of boots...this time the theme for them is the boy scout motto "be prepared." The catch is that these are not for your typical boy scout who would gladly walk an old lady across the street to earn his merit badge. These boots are for the boy scout of the "bad" variety with several items strapped to his (or her) boots to make him fully prepared for any type of debauchery and mayhem he (or she) may encounter... or instigate!

You'll find...

An almost full bottle of whiskey
A pack of smokes
A map
A compass
A knife
Some rope
A boy scout medal

I guess you have everything you need to party (whiskey and smokes), lure someone of the opposite sex (or same sex) with something impressively shiny (the medal), and the means find your drunk ass way home (map and compass). Oh...the rope and knife? Gosh, I dunno, read the Boy Scout Manual to find out :-)

As you may have guessed, these were fun as hell to make (with a little extra help and a small-prim-making lesson from Dis). Hope you all have fun wearin' em!

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Wrath Paine said...

This comment is just so long over-due, by the way...

Just an FYI - I have never seen a more detailed article of clothing in my entire SLife!!! LOL These boots are incredible - cannot help but be complimented on them whenever I wear them, and the more people zoom in on them, the more cool things they notice and you have just completely outdone yourself. Amazing. :-)