Friday, June 08, 2007

{PLUNDER} Pirate Costume Party Sunday!


Yep! There's gonna be a party this Sunday, June 10th, 12noon til 2pm (SL time), and it's gonna be fun!!!

I really wanted to send out more of the one-on-one invites, but SL isn't cooperating. The people search isn't hopefully someone reads my

The location is {PLUNDER} and it's a costume party, so come in your best sexy pirate gear. We're having a costume contest with a $1000L prize for the best guy costume and $1000L prize for the best girl costume. (Hopefully I'll have some freebies to give away, if SL is cooperative.) We'll also have DJ Donovan Bennen at the helm... and we all know that's a good time right there!

So come and party like a pirate!


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