Friday, December 29, 2006

Woo! Hand-Drawn!

I don't know about you other designers out there, but I'm constantly trying to keep things interesting for myself in creating things for my store. I'm always trying new things to keep the experience exciting and challenging, soooo... I'm going to treat myself to a drawing tablet this weekend (a Christmas present to MYSELF!)

I used a Wacom tablet years ago for Photoshop and Illustrator projects at work, but lost the pen along the way, was too lazy to get a new one, and well... just lost interest in using it. Well, now I have these amazing professional-level artist friends in SL like Donovan and Noam, who've created awesome hand-drawn products for SL and do these totally impressive anime-style drawings. I'm so in awe of their skills and talent, and I'm sooo jealous! But I've also been inspired to up my game a bit and give it a try. My drawing skills don't even come close to Noam or Donovan's, but I'll certainly do my best :-) I do have lots of drawing and painting classes under my belt from my school days, as well as lots and lots of photo retouching experience from work, so I guess we'll see how prepared I am for my self-inflicted challenge! I'll probably continue incorporating photo elements as well, but I'd really like to create my own shading, folds and detailing for the clothing bases.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to my first Photoshop endeavor using a pen and tablet in creating some cool stuff for Miau Haus. Keep your eyes peeled!

Miau for now! ^.^

Friday, December 22, 2006

I ♥ Japanese Snowball Monkeys

OMG Noam! Sooo cute!!! (HeeHee... Noam mentioned studying Japanese Snowball Monkeys in a class in his previous comment.) I just HAD to share this pic with everyone! Seeing stuff like this just make me smile :D

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I ♥ Meerkats

I had to research some stock photography yesterday at work to find a dry desert ground shot for a direct mail piece I'm working on... and I ran across this cuuuute shot of a meerkat! They're the cutest animal on the planet (next to kitties, of course). This girl has spent hours watching animal documentaries on Animal Planet, and the meerkat is definitely on of my favorites to watch, well, that and the ring-tailed lemur and the Japanese snow monkey. I just realized how dorky this blog is... oh well :-)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Rudra's Tree... Lonely No More

First of all, thank you for the wonderful suggestion Rudra ^.^ I made some Sandy Paws Stockings on Friday and put them in my main store... hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for you.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday Kicks!

Just released these babies last night... okay, no licking the Candy Cane Shoes!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Suggestions please?

Hey gang!

Ya know... I just finished putting out some new jeans and tees, and I'm a little-jeans-and-teed-out, so I'm looking for a new fun project. The other night, Noam gave me an adorable shoe idea I'm definitely gonna take a shot at (my prim work has something to be desired I would love to get some input from my fellow bloggers (if you don't mind, that is)... sooo, if there's a Posy-perfect idea you'd like to suggest, I would love to hear it! Something that you haven't seen in-world, but would like to... something you have seen, but would like to see Posy's spin on it... neko-related... human-related... anything! If I use your idea, I'll give ya lots of free stuff :D

Meow for now!

Monday, December 11, 2006

More Naughty Than Nice :P

Wooohooo! Since Zab encouraged to make more singles (that are more affordable) than complete outfits, I've been on a fun creative roll! It can be so time intensive and stressful to create an entire outfit that you're happy with, so making singles has been kind of fun and liberating for me... each t-shirt is like a little piece of art, and I think I've refined my templates where I'm super happy with the quality. (I've come a long way since my simple tees that say "meow" and "purr"!)

Sooo... here's the newest release... a creative sampling from my little kitty brain. A little nice, and a lotta naughty! I tried to do some edgy, gritty stuff for the guys, and some fun cutsie, kind of mod retro stuff for the girls. There's also a new t-shirt style I'm trying out... a raglan sleeve tee that's 2-toned, kinda like those longsleeve baseball tees.

I also did some new unisex jeans that I'm calling "Tagger Jeans" intended for you to look like a tagger just finishing up a grafitti masterpiece. Such delinquents, I tell ya!

You'll find all the new gear at my main store in Yelas, or at The Block (soon to be in the Unlimited and SPE locations).

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

PosyCat on the Prowl!

Beware SL citizens! Don't be surprised if you're pounced on by a fluffy giggling furball as you walk thru a dark alley or seemingly deserted street. She means no real harm though... she may only want to know where you got your cute hair or boots... she may start a tickle-fight... or she may give you a quick lick on your cheek with her rough kitty tongue, then scamper away =^.^=

I just didn't feel like working last night, so I did a lil photo shoot with the adorable hair Noam gave me (such a talented kitty!)

*flicks her hair seductively with a wink, then scampers off*

Friday, December 01, 2006

My Boyfriend is a Cyborg Ninja

Sure, he may be a cold steely metal mass with laser beams and a few dials and switches on the outside, but he's my sweet cuddly kitty boy in the inside =^.^=

I fuckin' love you Donovan!

Tits & Ass Preview!

Wooohooo! Well, now that I got your attention... it's not REALLY a preveiw of tits and asses... it's what COVERS them... heehee :P

I've always loved collage as an art medium, and have always wanted to do more of it... so here I am whippin' up collages on tees in SL and hoping that people like them. In any case, it was super fun to do, so plan on seeing more of it in Miau Haus. Oooh! The tees come with two longsleeve undershirts (one dirty and dingy, one clean and white) that you can layer under your shortsleeve tee.

I also made my first pairs of long pants (I've only made shorts, clamdiggers and capris til now), and with a little technical help from Zab, I was able to make the bottoms look right :-) And they're unisex!

Now, this is just a preview of the new tees and jeans that will be officially released tonight. I would have done it last night, but Donovan and JellyBean lured me away from working for a ninja romp thru Nakama (naughty kitties!)

Later Pussycats!