Thursday, July 12, 2007

From Paper to Pixel...

Hey kittens!

Just thought I'd share some of my doodles with you... the germs of ideas that become the items I sell in SL. You'll see below some of the doodles I did on three blue post-it notes at work (you never know when an idea will hit you!) I'm not as good at sketching as Donovan and other designers in SL, but you get the idea ;-)

As you all can see by my new airship shopping area, {PLUNDER}, I've been fascinated with Steampunk themes... the colors and textures are so rich, and mixing in worn in metal and machinery is so interesting and fun. Sooo... I made a top hat, boots and an elegant long coat... Steampunk style!

The top hat is made of grungy metal, with rivets that line the top. Three collected steam gauges adorn the front of the hat. Looks great with the glasses that Dis sells in his store, doesn't it???

The boots are grungy metal as well, with the rivets again along the top and fastening the boot straps. There's a grate with a moving fire in the front of the boot (keeps yer toes warm!) and a steam pipe along the side, with real steam poofs coming out the end (thanks for your help with the steam Dis!)

Finally, the long coat that comes in 4 different colors. It comes with a long prim flexi coat bottom, prim collar and cuffs. The coat also looks great without the prim bottom!

Well, on to the next project...

Miau for now!