Monday, October 30, 2006

Second Life Exile: Day 6

Wooohooo! I FINALLY got a reply e-mail from someone at SL, Andreas K├Ânig...he wanted the "Second Life log" from my computer to diagnose the problem. I sent it right away on Saturday, so let's cross our lil kitty paws! Hopefully I'll get back online today...otherwise, I've been toying with the idea of getting a PC. If anyone has any other suggestions, please share them.

I'm... going... through... Second... Life... withdrawals... cough... cough :-(

On to my RL kitties... my sweet gray baby girl Scout went to kitty heaven a few weeks ago (liver disfunction) and my other cat, Stewie, has been lonely ever since, so I thought it was time to get him a cuddle buddy and playmate. Sooo... I got a new kitten last weekend and she's AAA-dorable! I had originally wanted a ginger tabby, but the first kitten rescue we went to had this sweet little kitten, looking part Siamese and part tabby (see pic above). She was so beautiful, I HAD to hold her, and she nuzzled up into my chest and began to purr like that was her favorite place in the whole world. We were going to go to other cat adoption locations, but, honestly, I couldn't put her down! She had totally stolen my heart (and she still has it).

Well, I named her Daisy thinking it was a cute girly wasn't til later when we discovered her flatulence problem, and that the name was quite! Daisy spends her days galloping around my apartment like a tiny racehorse and getting into mischief... then, when that wears her out, you'll find her lounging anywhere on or close to me, purring loudly and making biscuits :-)

Stewie wasn't sure what to make of her the first couple of days, so there was a bit of hissing and growling... and one "bop" on the head from Stewie. Now they've gotten used to each other... the hissing and growling has pretty much stopped. There's been lots of smelling and sniffing and watching from afar. Daisy has been trying sooo hard to get Stewie to play with her, he's still not sure, but I'm positive he'll come around. In fact, I was holding her last nite, and Stewie came up and gave her a couple of licks on her head... it was pretty darn cute.

That's it for today...later Pussycats! =^.^=

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Second Life Exile: Day 4

Waaaahhhhh! As some of you may know, I haven't been able to log into SL since the upgrade on Wednesday, the 24th. I launch the program, but don't even get a log-in screen... I get the message "Second Life has unexpectedly quit" and... nothing :-(

Now this has happened once before, where there was a glitch with Macs, and they took a couple of extra days to get us on board. I tried to use my friend's Mac to get into SL and had the same problem, so I'm pretty sure that's the problem. Hopefully that's all it is, and I'll be able to resume my kitty antics in SL very soon.

This has been extra frustrating, though, because I haven't been able to find out what's going on through any of the avenues provided by SL. I've sent crash reports, sent e-mails, and called every number on the support page...I've only received generalized confirmation e-mails from them, and in the many many many phone calls I've made, I've only been directed to a voice mailbox system where I've left a range of messages from positive and cheerful to close-to-tears frustration. I'm seriously beginning to wonder if there are actual people working

Heck! I have important stuff to do in SL! I gotta check out Noam's new hair because I'm sure he's bought some in my absence, I have some serious shopping to do because the gals at PXP have been showcasing some amazing stuff this week (I've made a list!), I have some skin and outfit ideas I want to try out... I'm dying to curl up with Donovan to wactch a movie...Oh! and most importantly, I have my big honkin' skybox to move (hopefully my new neighbors will bear with me on this..this is so out of my control). Let's all cross our fingers and say a little prayer that my exile ends very soon :-)

That's all for now...I miss you all!

Catch ya later pussycats =^.^=

Friday, October 27, 2006

There's a new kitty in Blogtown!

This is my very first blog entry *takes a deep breath* so here goes...

Thought I'd give you a brief autobiography :-)

Well, I started my Second Life as a human avatar with a slightly sordid past :P I was hanging out in the Welcome Area, and this guy named Zabitan (yes! that would be Zabitan Assia!) asked to speak to me... he was recruiting topless dancers for his new club "Expose" He showed me the awesome club he built and I agreed to work for him and Rosie. Little did I know that I would meet some of the coolest people in SL... most of whom are still great friends of mine... namingly Zab, DT, Rosie, Lanae, Kaejo and Vivi. Dancing was fun... hell, I got paid to flirt!

Then...the fateful day arrived... an old friend, Garrett, and a new friend, Noam, took me to get my first neko ears and tail...
BLLLIIIINNNG! *harps began to play and a beautiful beam from heaven fell on me* I was born a neko =^.^= Suddenly I felt the urge to bat things around on the ground... nibble on catnip...curl up in the sun for a nap...nuzzle strangers' legs. I knew that the neko life was for me! Then... I started looking for kitty stuff for my new life. I did searches in SL for "neko," "kitty," "cat," etc...found some wonderful kitty things... but I wanted more!

And that's how Miau Haus was born *smiles big* I tried making things to sell in the past, but it wasn't until I decided to have a kitty-related store, that the ideas came rolling into my little neko brain. You see, I'm a big cat lover in RL, so I just started making stuff that I liked...turns out other people liked them too! I just sit here and crack myself up at some of the things I make, like the Kitty Head Kuddle Kubbie or the Hellcat Fireplace (I'm easily entertained, I guess!) I'm just lucky that others find them amusing too and actually want to spend money on them. I'm so grateful for all of my wonderful customers and am so happy that they enjoy the store I've created and the things that fill it. I also added other designers to Miau Haus because I really wanted a one-stop-shop for all the kitties out there, and there are things that I'm just not skilled at making. So I invited Noam Sprocket, Krysis Gall, Ren Eliot, Ishida Dye, Ephraim Massiel, Valin McTeague, Anisa Naumova, Fa Nyak and most recently, Donovan Brennen to join the Miau Haus family...I'm so honored to have such talented designers in my store.

Well, I think we're up to the present...I've expanded into other locations like The Block and Someplace Else. When I'm not working on things for the store, I spend time with my wonderful friends in SL... playing Greedy with Thorn and Marcan... getting tackled, shopping for hair, and brainstorming creative ideas with Noam...kickin' it at The Block with Zab, DT and the gang (hey! when's the next Block Party???)... and hanging out with my sweet, romantic, sexy boyfriend, Donovan :P

Whew! Finished my first blog entry! Hope you enjoyed it. =^.^=