Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fight! Fight!

Hey, does anyone else sense a little violent streak in my latests releases??? Well, I think it's because SL has been such a bitch for me to play lately. First I couldn't apply textures to prims, which really sucks when you're trying to build. Then, over the weekend I would log on and none of my attachments where on my avie... and I couldn't reattach them! Plus I couldn't tp anywhere! So I was stuck at home, bald and shoeless for a couple of days. Not to mention the crashing... I'm sure everyone on my friends list was tired of seeing "Posy Trudeau is online" and "Posy Trudeau is offline" constantly popping up in those little blue boxes. Anyhow, as you can see, I channeled all my violent frustrations into some new products for [CIVVIES]!

First, I made the rest of the skin tones for the Girl Fight skins I made a long time ago and never released. I was very careful to market them as skins for a girl who WANTS to fight and kick ass... I don't want it to be viewed as a battered or abused woman or anything, because that would suck. Anyhow, I love my feisty little girl fighter!

Next, I made some makeshift-looking wraps/pads for your elbows, knees and knuckles with flexi strips. There's a clean (well, kinda clean) and a bloody version for guys and girls. I used Zab's Beat Down skin for my guy model avie (thanks Zab!)... his skin for the guys will be released soon!

Finally, I made a longsleeve tee with a cool bloody fist graphic and some dirty jeans with worn holes in them. Nice and dirty... just the way the boys like 'em :-)

Well that's it... Miau for now!