Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A pixel dream come true!

I was so excited to create my [CIVVIES] store that's held aloft by a gigantic blimp, but it was on a small plot of land with prims I was gobbling up quickly with each new release. Then, after Donovan really introduced me to anime and I saw films like "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" with all the amazing airships and flying contraptions, I decided that a whole shopping area in the air consisting of group of mis-matched airships tethered together somehow, would be a fun and unique experience in SL.

I invited several very good friends (all superb designers), and a couple of designers I didn't know so well (but thought their product would fit in well with the theme) to join my crew. So...I started my pet project with gusto! Some designers opted to make their own flying vessels, others let me build airships for them. I really wanted the airships to reflect the designers themselves. I purchased DT's ship, and...well let's say...is the neatest and cleanest docked at {Plunder} :-) I know how much Zab likes Japanese action figures, so Donovan found a simple robot I could build myself, sooo you'll see Giant Robo holding up Zab's store, flaming jet pack and all! Zab took his theme a bit further...there's a giant Godzilla in his store causing mayhem and distruction on a miniature city with sound effects and everything! (If you haven't seen it, you MUST go!) He somehow fit a bit of product in there too :P

Keishi's airship is as goth-y as I could make it, with a giant evil kitty balloon holding it afloat. The rest are an assortment of metal and canvas airships with lots of propellers, balloons and floaty things...all in various stages of rust and grunginess (just the way we like it!)

Dis built an amazing pirate ship (in record time...an hour and a half I think?) and stocked it full of steampunk goodies. If you're lucky, you'll find Dis on his ship, harassing the customers with things like "Wipe yer feet before boarding, Lass!" (LOL...Dis kills me!) Tyreak also made an awesome airship, resplendent in his gritty junkyard style.

Here's a list of {PLUNDER}'s crew:
Donovan - GearShift
DT - Desert Moon
Zab - FORM
Dis - SteamPowered Ind.
Tyreak - The Syndicate
Keishii - Goth1c0
Saeya - Kyoot
Penny - Happy Bivouac

I also built a bar called "Posy's Cloudbuster Cantina" and a cozy lounge where you can kick your feet up and hang out. Make sure you take a peek at the Captain's Log in the lounge, a promotion piece I put together for {PLUNDER}. You'll also see some fun portraits I did of all the designers there.

I hope people have as much fun at {PLUNDER} as I did in making it. Come on by and have a look, if you haven't already. And don't be surprised if someone yells at you to "wipe yer feet!" Check my pics for the tp location. :D


mueja said...

nice blog,lady miau.

Paisley Poindexter said...

Ohhhh how fun! I'll make a tirp over next time I'm wandering around SL w/o parental supervision LOL! Much love Posy <3